EcoHerbal Testimonials

The following testimonials are from patients from the private practice of April Palmer, LAc. They have not been compensated in any way. The testimonials also show the wide range of ages that our EAR FORMULA gummy can benefit.
(This patient is a three year old female who had been experiencing symptoms for over twenty four hours before taking the EAR FORMULA gummy.)
"My three year old daughter was screaming all night and the next day because of her ears. I was about to take her to the doctor when we tried the EAR FORMULA . I gave her one gummy when I got home from work and another before I put her down for bed. She slept through the night and woke up the next day with a smile, her discomfort gone!" - JG
(The following patient is a 13 year old boy)
"My son has asthma and caught a cold. He was starting to feel pain in his ears and I made an appointment with his doctor, because he has asthma and it's important to not let his symptoms get out of control or it will set off his asthma. I told a friend who got some EAR FORMULA gummies from April. My friend gave three gummies to my son. He thought they were vitamin gummies and didn't know they were for his ears. I asked him how he was feeling an hour and a half later and he said his ears felt fine." - DC
(The next patient is a three year old boy whose mother was holding a prescription for both of his ears. He had been feeling the discomfort for two days.)
"I mentioned my son's problem to my acupuncturist who said she was testing her product. She gave me four gummies and told me to give my son one every three hours until they were gone. If he did not feel better after that he was to go back to the doctor. I gave him one gummy when I got home at night and another three hours later and one more dosage in the middle of the night. The next morning I gave him the last gummy. Within a couple of hours he was running around the house playing, feeling fine." - JH
(This patient is a 26 year old female with allergies which often go to her ears)
"I was having an allergy attack and my ears started hurting. I ate two gummies and my pain stopped." - RB

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