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Most products don't deliver as promised. Our does! As a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, I created this product because I was once like you- frustrated by natural products that promised but didn't deliver. I have used these products in my own practice on countless numbers of people, with great success. Put simply, it works!
The 13 herbs in ECOHERBAL's Ear Formula were chosen carefully to address the imbalance of ear infections. They attack the pathogen, reduce fluid in the ear, clear inflammation, and address the underlying patterns that lead to earaches in the first place. Don't just mask the symptom, Address The Root!. In addition to drying herbs and anti inflammation herbs, we have added some herbs that act as "envoys" that send the formula to the head and ear, and we have added an herb that specifically addresses the discomfort. Each herb was chosen carefully, and has been used commonly in Traditional Chinese Medicine for literally thousands of years and tested on over a billion people. There are no "toxic" or dangerous herbs and we have used a very reputable herb extractor and manufactured the product in the United States to keep the quality as high as possible. This product is safe to use and is very effective. It can be used for the occasional earache in a child with a cold or flu, or it can be used longer term for those with repeat earaches. It is also very effective for swimmer's ear and for any fluid in the ear as many of the herbs used in the formula are drying in nature. Both children and adults can benefit from this product and it is very good for swimmer's and divers as well.
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Please call The Natural Path To Healing at (425)489-5900 to order Ear Formula Capsules.Please visit to find out more about this location. 

Ear Formula (Capsules)

Each bottle of our vegetarian Ear Formula Capsules contains our proprietary herbal formula plus our organic fruit extract blend (Apple, Kiwi, Lycii and Purple Grapes) †. This 70% organic, sugar-free version of our product is perfect for older children, adults, surfers, swimmers or divers, or anyone who experiences earaches, swimmer's ear, or ear infections, and prefers a sugar-free product.Our Price Includes Free Shipping!
Organic Ear Formula Capsules - $15.99
This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This is informational only and is not attempting to diagnose or treat any illness.

†† Chinese Medicine often considers certain food to be medicinal, so we have added our fruit extracts to increase the effectiveness of the herbal blend.

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